Welcome to Sea Marie Designs, Online Boutique! 

Sea Marie Designs is a curated collection of affordable & beautiful year-round Coastal style accessories. I started this shop once my youngest daughter started school in April 2019. With a degree & background in Interior Design as well as Showroom Buying & Speciality Retail, I knew E-Commerce would be the perfect marriage to allow the flexibility of a stay at home mom, and passion for customer service and design. 

Growing up Downtown Annapolis, Maryland I have always been inspired by beautiful blues and laid back coastal style.  Sourcing pretty and classic headband fabrics, lightweight statement earrings, beautiful tea towels and Artisan handmade straw bags has been so much fun!

A lot of thought goes into each and every product - staying within a certain price range - the comfortability, durability, quality and remaining seasonal transition pieces. Something I get excited about is being able to offer you the best price possible as I have a unique situation where I do not have the overhead of a retail shop.  So instead of paying the high end boutique rent & utilities, I'm able to sell high end products without the high end price tag!

Please check back often as the inventory is updated almost weekly. Follow along on Instagram for exclusive promotions posted in Stories! Also, becoming a member of our Email Club will gain access to our Weekly/Monthly Hauls. 

I hope you find something you love to gift or keep!